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—  Teas  —



Darjeeling – House blend of organic early and late season Darjeelings Fair Trade Organic

Kenilworth Ceylon – Used in our regular House Chai, not available by the cup Organic/Fair Trade

Ancient Forest Yunnan – Robust, tippy, earthy, satisfying. Used in our House Black Iced Tea O/FT

English Breakfast – Classic blend of robust, full-bodied black teas. Organic/Fair Trade

Irish Breakfast – Full-bodied blend of China & India teas, stronger than English Breakfast F.T.Organic

Decaf English Breakfast – Decaf English Breakfast, good body, small broken leaf

Lapsang Souchong – China smoked tea, an aqcuired taste, not for the faint-hearted F.T.Organic

Earl Grey – Full-bodied black tea with oil of bergamot Fair Trade Organic

Blackcurrant – Black tea with blackcurrant flavor and blackcurrant leaf

Bourbon Vanilla – Black tea with vanilla beans from the Madagascar Bourbon Island (a.k.a. Reunion Island)

Ginger Peach – Black Tea with ginger root & peach pieces



Moroccan Mint – Green tea & Mint, the most popular green blend in the world Organic

Gunpowder – Chinese gunpowder, mellow taste, not vegetal, easy to enjoy F.T. Organic

Sencha – Japanese green leaf, slightly astringent taste, pale green cup, classic green Organic

Hojicha – Japanese Roasted twig tea

Genmaicha – Japanese Bancha with roasted hulled rice kernels, nutty, good with food Organic

Jasmine – Green tea with jasmine blossoms Organic



Rooibos Afrikana – Rooibos, vanilla, citrus & blue mallow. Used in our House Herbal Iced tea Organic

Mint – House blend of peppermint & spearmint. Used in our House Mint/Jasmine Iced Tea F.T.Organic

Chamomile Lavender – A relaxing blend of chamomile and lavender

Elixir – Ginger root, orange peel, mint, eucalyptus. Great for congestion/colds

Mystic Mint – Holy Basil (Tulsi), spearmint, rosehips, lemon myrtle & linden blossoms.

Akasha – Cardamom, saffron, licorice, fennel, ginger, cinnamon, rosebuds & lemongrass (Ayurvedic: Space)

South Pacific – Berry, hibiscus, rosehips, papaya, orange, currant & passionfruit tisane



Pu-Erh – Organic, earthy, aged tea

Pai Mu Tan - White Peony, variegated leaves, woodsy note, a light cup

Ti Kwan Yin Oolong – Iron Goddess of Mercy, slightly nutty with a mellow finish

Lung Jing Dragonwell – flat leaf Dragonwell, yellow-green cup, nicely astringe