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—  Coffee  —

Supplied by Mclaughlin Coffee Roasters, Emeryville, CA



—  Celebes Kalossi—
Very smooth, heavily-bodied, low                           acidity                        (French Roast)

—  Costa Rican —
Highly aromatic, well balanced,                    moderate acidity                  (Viennese Roast)

—  Ethiopian Harrar—
   Floral, winey character with a                      blueberry finish                (French Roast)







—  Decaf French —
   Water processed, slightly acidic with hints of sweetness and a full-bodied finish    (French Roast)


—  Max's Blend—
Blend of five coffees, full-bodied, smoky finish (French Roast)

—  House Blend  —
Full-bodied and smooth with hints of fruitiness (French Roast)

—  Italian Roast—
Sweet, flowery, berry-like finish (Italian Roast)

—  Red Sea Blend —
Heavily-bodied with sharp, wine highlights (French Roast)






Decaf Offerings

—  Decaf Indonesian  —
       Water-processed, rich, full-bodied, highly aromatic         (Italian Roast)


—  Guatemala—
Highly aromatic and sweet, with a well-balanced, smooth finish (French Roast)

—  Ethiopian Yirgacheffe  —
Lots of fruitiness, floral aroma, lively acidity with a winey finish (Light French Roast) 

—  Peru  —
Nice balance of acidity and body with a rich, smooth finish   (French Roast)

—  Sumatra—
Heavy body, low acidity, with an extremely smooth finish      (French Roast)

—  Mexican —
   Full-bodied, rich, smooth finish   (French Roast)


—  Decaf Mocha Java—
   Water-processed, dark-roasted blend with a heavy body, very smooth finish                  (French Roast)